What kit do you need for Deliveroo

Even though you are self-employed, Deliveroo requires you to have the following items:

  • Jacket
  • Delivery box
  • Small thermal box
  • Helmet
  • Lights

Deliveroo kit

I would also personally recommend you get a portable phone charger as well. Your phone will definitely run out of charge during a three-hour shift, and you don’t want to be stuck without it. I usually find I need about one full recharge per session.

It’s also surprising how many calories you burn while you’re cycling and running up and down flights of stairs. This and the combination of looking at a ridiculous amount of tasty food will make you extremely hungry. I would recommend bringing a banana with you or something to snack on, as well as eating a shit ton before your shift. Also, bring some water with you. You’re doing a lot of exercise and not all restaurants are friendly enough to offer you a glass (they usually try their hardest to get you out of the door as quickly as possible).

When it’s winter I also pack a jumper. You usually spend the beginning of your shift (sometimes the whole of your shift during off-peak hours) sitting around waiting for an order. This means getting very very cold. However, when you start cycling you’ll most certainly warm up and begin sweating if you’re wearing a jumper (which will make you even colder when you stop, and also it’s just gross). I like to pack a jumper for those periods when you’re hanging around with nothing to do.

Now you might be wondering “Ok nick, this is great and all, but where the hell am I gonna put all this shit?”. And you are correct in thinking that. The box you get is for food and it would get pretty messy if you’re jamming all your own stuff in there with it. That’s where I like to use the shelf. The delivery box has a velcro shelf which is completely useless apart from for this purpose. By placing the shelf a couple of inches above the bottom, you can still fit your thermal bag in, but you also have room for all your schniz in the lower section. Easy peasy.


Deliveroo delivery
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