How to do a Deliveroo Delivery?

The following is the much-loved process of completing a Deliveroo delivery.

  • To do a Deliveroo delivery, you first need to get to the zone centre. This will be the point in your area where the most orders are received. You can get directions there by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the app.
  • Make sure your rider app is loaded up and in the “online” mode while you wait so that you can receive orders. You don’t need to have the screen on the whole time, you can leave it in sleep mode in your pocket while you listen to music or something. Trust me, you’ll know when you’ve received an order.
  • When you receive an order you will get a notification and your phone will start buzzing like mad non-stop until you accept it.
  • You can accept the order by swiping the “accept delivery” slider.
  • You then follow the directions to the restaurant. There might even be a small message left by the restaurant such as “enter through the side door” or “take off your helmet when you come in”.
  • Once you’ve arrived, enter the restaurant and show them the order number. Most of the time the order has already been made, but sometimes you might have to wait a little bit. You also may have to collect two orders so always check this. I’ve left the second order in the restaurant way too many times, and you have to deliver the first order before you can go back and get the second (which is a massive pain in the ass).
  • Once you’ve collected the order, you need to check that all the items are in the bag (to be fair no one actually really does this because it takes ages, so just give a rough guess).
  • The app will then direct you to the customer’s house. You can also get directions through Google or Apple maps. Try to think about the person’s meal on your back when you’re charging on the pedals though!
  • Once you’ve arrived, swipe the “arrived” slider and ring the doorbell.
  • Now the Deliveroo delivery is complete, you can go back to the zone centre. Rinse and repeat.
Deliveroo delivery
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