How much data does a Deliveroo rider need?

Seeing as your phone 📱 is always on and using your location during a shift, you might be wondering how much data you’re cracking through.

How much data does a Deliveroo rider need?

I would say that a typical Deliveroo rider would use about 2gb of data in a month. This includes all the data for your shifts (the odd evening shift and weekends) and while the app is running in the background when you’re not doing any orders.

For the more hardcore riders (people who are out delivering all day), I’d say this figure will go up to about 4gb of data a month. This is actually quite a lot when you think about it because this is just used on Deliveroo and doesn’t include any other personal uses of data. However, it should be covered by most phone contracts nowadays, so you’ll probably be fine unless you have the app running like 12 hours a day.

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How do I get more Deliveroo shifts?

UPDATE: Ok so they have just updated the whole booking system from Monday 16 October. Now, all bookings are made through the app (which is sooo much easier). You can book hour shifts from Monday at 15:00 (earlier for more dedicated riders) through the app for the following week. You can also select these shifts to be repeated, or just do them as one-offs. This also means you can now book shifts in any area you like, not just the one you were assigned to.

if you want more shifts then you have to apply for them. You can do this through staffomatic or send like a thousand emails to Deliveroo until they reply.

You have two different shifts: the repeat and instant. The repeat shifts are hard to get because they are permanent and you will always have them. To get these shifts you will need to get in touch with Deliveroo by sending them lots of emails. After a while, they should get back to you and you’ll have these shifts every week.

The instant shifts can be gotten by applying for them on Staffomatic. These shifts appear in green and have a number next to them showing how many spaces are available. You will need to frequently check Staffomatic if you want to apply for one of these.

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What to do if you can’t make your Deliveroo shift

If you’re not going to be able to make a shift, then you can make an absence on staffomatic. This is really easy and you always get approved. If you find out you’re not going to be able to make a shift only a few hours before, then you can phone up Deliveroo support and they’ll sort it out.

Can I miss a Deliveroo shift?

Yes. With the new booking system, it is extremely easy to miss a Deliveroo shift you have signed up for if you can’t make it.

Can I Miss a Deliveroo Shift?

All you need to do is go to your booking section within the app and unselect the shift. However, if you have previously selected this shift for automatic booking (where the app books the same shift again for you each week), this will be unselected as well. This is supposed to be a sort of “punishment” for missing the shift. You can cancel a shift anytime prior to it starting, there is no need to send an email or get in touch with the Deliveroo support system.

If you’re on the pay per delivery scheme, then this won’t apply to you. If you don’t feel like doing a shift then you simply don’t sign on, there is no minimum requirement to how many shifts you have to do.

Old system:

If you’re not going to be able to make a shift, then you can make an absence on staffomatic. This is really easy and you always get approved. If you find out you’re not going to be able to make a shift only a few hours before, then you can phone up Deliveroo support and they’ll sort it out.

I find Deliveroo are extremely relaxed about people not making shifts, and they might not even bother phoning you up the next day if you miss one without telling them. I would just pop an absence request though because it’s so easy and makes it easier for everyone.

If you’re on the pay per delivery scheme, then this won’t apply to you. If you don’t feel like doing a shift then you simply don’t sign on, there is no minimum requirement to how many shifts you have to do.

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Can I leave my Deliveroo shift early/arrive late

Yes. You can leave your shift early, arrive late and take breaks in the middle…up to a point.

Can I leave my Deliveroo shift early?

Your contract states that you have to spend 80% of your shift online, which means that it’s possible to leave a 3-hour shift 36 minutes early and you’ll still get paid for the three hours. Many a time have I snuck away early because I couldn’t sit around any longer freezing my balls off while I waited for orders. I wouldn’t push it too much though because they do pick up on this and will get in touch with you if you do it too much (and maybe even fire you).

This 36 minutes will apply throughout the whole shift, so if you take a 5-minute break to go for a whizz, this is taken out of the 36 minutes. Bear in mind, when I mean break I mean actually turning the app to offline mode. If you want to have a break you can easily just spend a little longer hanging around at the restaurant or customers house; if you keep the app still online, you’re technically still working (although they call it ‘standby’).

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For riders on the pay per drop scheme, this doesn’t apply to you. You are able to log on and off of the app whenever you see fit because you are not being paid to be on standby. This scheme is great for people who don’t know what hours they can make, and also for lengthening shifts when the orders are firing off. I used to do pay per hour, and I remember getting pretty pissed off when my shift finished at 9:30 on a Saturday night and I still felt like I could double my orders.

BUT IF YOU LEAVE A SHIFT EARLY YOU WILL NOT BE PAID FOR THE TIME YOU MISSED! When you receive your invoice, Deliveroo has the data of the time you logged in and out of your shift. They will round the time you did to the nearest 6 minutes and then only pay your hourly wage up to that time.

Do you still get paid if you get no Deliveroo deliveries?

If you’re on the pay per hour system, then you’ll get paid £7 per hour no matter how many orders you complete. The first shift I did, I didn’t get a single order.

But…on the pay per drop scheme you’re only being paid for the orders you complete. So if you don’t do any orders, then you ain’t getting money.

This has caused quite a lot of controversy, with many people claiming that they’re now being paid less than minimum wage.

A documentary was made by BBC 3 on Deliveroo and the ethics of the gig economy. Watch it on youtube.

I personally think that Deliveroo is not designed to be a full-time job, more of a flexible side-job. The most important thing is that you can sign on whenever you like and earn some cash, and so it’s understandable why Deliveroo doesn’t want to be paying loads of riders just to be sitting around. The only times where you can make good money are at meal times, which is when most people have finished work anyway, and so it works well as a side-job. As soon as you start trying to work full time, you’ll realise that you won’t be able to make much at conventional times (such as mornings and afternoons). It also encourages the system to become more efficient, and rewards riders to complete deliveries faster so they can earn a higher “per-hour” equivalent. The most I’ve earned was £16 per hour, which is actually extremely good and does average out for the day.

If you look at any other bike messenger company around the world (e.g city sprint or Absolutely) you can see that they’re on a pay per delivery basis as well (a much lower fee of sometimes £2.50 per delivery). This means that it’s completely normal for a delivery company to use this sort of pay system, and if it’s worked for them, why shouldn’t it work for Deliveroo?

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How many Deliveroo shifts can you apply for?

If you’re working the pay per hour system, then you can apply for as many Deliveroo shifts as you like (these come in hour slots). The problem is that it’s extremely difficult to get/change hours, so you’ll find it hard to get lots of hours without sending thousands of emails to Deliveroo.

On the new system, you can apply for these Deliveroo shifts through the app. At the bottom of the main page or in the menu you’ll see a tab titled “my bookings”. If you click on this you can see all the shifts available for the next two weeks. Shifts are released every Monday for the following week. you need to be quick though. Like really quick. Shifts get booked up extremely fast and soon you are left with very few options. You can, however, switch a booking to “repeat”, which means it will automatically apply for this shift every week; this does not necessarily guarantee that you’ll get the shift. I would just apply for every shift you can at the beginning of the week and then cancel the ones you can’t do.


There are two different types of hours: repeat and instant. Repeat hours are ones which will “repeat” every week. You tell Deliveroo what your availability is each week (e.g. evenings and weekends), and they will give you shifts at these times. On Staffomatic, your repeat shifts will show up as: your area – REPEAT. You will see lots of other shifts on Staffomatic, but the only ones which apply to you are the ones with your name underneath them; all of the other ones are for the other riders.

Instant shifts come up in green and anyone can apply for them. There is a small red box next to them with how many people are needed and how many have signed up. You can get these shifts by checking the Staffomatic site often and keeping a look out for the green shifts.

Deliveroo Shifts Problem

If you ever have any problems with Staffomatic, or want to change your availability, then you can get in touch with Deliveroo support. When you signed up to Deliveroo, you should have got an email from Staffomatic with an address of the person who set up your account. You can send them an email and cross your fingers that they might read it.

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