How to get £50 bonus when you sign up for Deliveroo

This is easy-peasy. All you have to do is signup through this link here (my special referral link), and you’ll be given a £50 bonus once you complete 20 orders (which you can do in a day). That’s it!

👉Sign up here:

It’s exactly the same as the normal signup process except this way you’re making an extra £50! This works for Cyclists, Motorbike/Mopeds and Car drivers 🤑

Deliveroo delivery
Use referral code: NI132274

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    1. Hi Robert!

      I’ve had this problem as well when I got a new phone and it’s annoying because the app doesn’t show up in the app store! The only way to get a new download link is to phone or email rider support (email or call 020 3322 3444 and press 3). They’ll send you a new link via email to download the app. I think they do this so that you can’t download the app on loads of different phones, but who knows!

      I hoped this helped 🙂


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