How to Pass a Deliveroo Interview for Riders

After you have scheduled a Deliveroo interview, Deliveroo will send you a message with the details of everything you need to bring for the interview. This includes a passport, ID, smartphone, kit (if you want to use your own) and a credit card (if you want to buy the kit).

deliveroo interview

The Deliveroo Interview

They call it an “interview” but it’s really not. All they do is check your documents and talk you through the app. I don’t think it’s actually possible to fail it. You also need to order all of the gear from them (for a ridiculous price) and then you can get on the road and start earning money!

The office where you have an interview is usually really hard to find. For mine, I had to walk through an estate agents office and then down some stairs to the basement. In the basement were loads of computers and deliveroo boxes stacked high around the desks.

Deliveroo Interview
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The whole process takes about an hour or so. You start by showing your passport and then they send you a link to download the app and sign up. You also need to choose the are you would like to work in. They’re pretty sneaky about this because when you sign up they make it seem like you can work anywhere you like, but a lot of the places are already full. I wasn’t able to work in my neighborhood and so I had to sign up for the next door one which was a bit of a pain. You also get to select the shifts you want to do. I would recommend selecting every single shift at first and then just missing the ones you can’t do. It’s so much easier to get rid of shifts than it is to get new ones, and Deliveroo is super chill about you not turning up to shifts every now and again. You’ll then have to sign are few forms (all done on your phone) and buy the equipment. Make sure you ask for lights and a helmet as well because they give those out for free!

Have fun!

6 Replies to “How to Pass a Deliveroo Interview for Riders”

  1. How much is the kit?

    I’ve been told that you don’t have to pay it upfront but the cost is deduced from your first paycheck.

    Do you know about this?

    1. Hi Louis!

      For the core cycling kit (Jacket, box and thermal bag) which you have to have, you need to pay £25 up front and then £75 comes out of you pay check (up to max of 50%). They used to do a £150 deposit so that’s probably what people have told you, but in their effort to make riders more like freelancers, they now make you pay for it.

      I hope this helps and thanks for reading!

      1. Mate your website is awesome. I can see what you’re doing here, you just started, and you beat me too it… This is something I would’ve done down the line! How about scouring the internet/ebay/amazon and creating a list of third-party suppliers selling equipment suiting the deliveroo requirements? As in, find online people selling the right box, thermal bag the right size etc…. make a list of all these items and ref link them on your website! So that future riders can save money from buying the expensive kit and time from going through the hassle of scouring the web. It’s a win-win really (especially for you I would imagine). In any case, this website is really helping me out. My interview’s on Monday, we’ll see how it goes. Also, if you ever want to expand and translate your website into French hit me up!

        1. Thanks man! That’s such a good idea, personally I wish I knew before I signed up that you could get the gear independently. I literally just walked in expecting them to give it to me, and then they dropped me with the £100 charge! I couldn’t be bothered to schedule another interview so I just paid for it, but I could have saved a lot of money if I got the gear beforehand! Good luck and dw you’ll definitely pass your interview, and later on I might take you up on that French offer!

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  3. Hello everyone, is it possible start to work from 6 pm?
    Because I have another job during the day and I don’t know if Deliveroo has night shifts.
    Thank you very much.

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