How much data does a Deliveroo rider need?

Seeing as your phone 📱 is always on and using your location during a shift, you might be wondering how much data you’re cracking through.

How much data does a Deliveroo rider need?

I would say that a typical Deliveroo rider would use about 2gb of data in a month. This includes all the data for your shifts (the odd evening shift and weekends) and while the app is running in the background when you’re not doing any orders.

For the more hardcore riders (people who are out delivering all day), I’d say this figure will go up to about 4gb of data a month. This is actually quite a lot when you think about it because this is just used on Deliveroo and doesn’t include any other personal uses of data. However, it should be covered by most phone contracts nowadays, so you’ll probably be fine unless you have the app running like 12 hours a day.

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