How do I get more Deliveroo shifts?

UPDATE: Ok so they have just updated the whole booking system from Monday 16 October. Now, all bookings are made through the app (which is sooo much easier). You can book hour shifts from Monday at 15:00 (earlier for more dedicated riders) through the app for the following week. You can also select these shifts to be repeated, or just do them as one-offs. This also means you can now book shifts in any area you like, not just the one you were assigned to.

if you want more shifts then you have to apply for them. You can do this through staffomatic or send like a thousand emails to Deliveroo until they reply.

You have two different shifts: the repeat and instant. The repeat shifts are hard to get because they are permanent and you will always have them. To get these shifts you will need to get in touch with Deliveroo by sending them lots of emails. After a while, they should get back to you and you’ll have these shifts every week.

The instant shifts can be gotten by applying for them on Staffomatic. These shifts appear in green and have a number next to them showing how many spaces are available. You will need to frequently check Staffomatic if you want to apply for one of these.

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