Is Deliveroo a Good Student Job?

I reckon about 80% of all Deliveroo riders are between 18 and 22. A lot of those being students. This is just from the people I’ve seen and met as a Deliveroo cyclist myself.

The job definitely has its perks, especially if you’re a student, but there are some points which may make you think twice about taking up this job.

Deliveroo Rider as Student


As a student you have to go to lectures (or so they say…), which means a normal job just won’t fit into your schedule. This means you need to find a shift based job (such as a bar job or Deliveroo). Ok. You could get a bar job, which is good in the winter when it’s freezing cold outside, but I can tell you from personal experience that any hospitality jobs are pretty shit (I only lasted 3 weeks before getting fired 😂). You don’t get to pick your shifts and you’ve always got someone shouting at you. This is where Deliveroo really does shine. You never have anyone shouting at you. It’s literally you, your bike and some banging tunes. No one telling you to mop the floor for the fifth time or to hurry up. If you want to take Deliveroo slow, be my guest, and if you want to bosh out 6 deliveries in an hour, you can do that too (and you’ll be rewarded for your hard work). Did you ever have it in school where you’re doing a group project and some dickhead sits in the corner doing nothing but gets the same credit as you? That pisses me off. But with Deliveroo, you’re being rewarded for how hard you work, so there’s not test in the corner dragging you down.

Also, if you’re not feeling up for doing Deliveroo that night (i.e. hungover), then you don’t have to! Easy as that. Turn the app on when you want to work, and close it when you’re done. Flexibility is the greatest perk of being a Deliveroo cyclist, especially if you’re a student and your week changes the whole time.


Deliveroo is not all sunshine and roses. There is a gritty side. The thing is that because you’re being paid per delivery, you’re kinda fucked if no one orders food. This isn’t much of a problem at uni because your local zone is probably stuffed full of hungry students. But, if you’re at the University of Highlands and Islands, you’re in a bit of a pickle.

Winters are also a problem. It’s just so cold. And this is where the flexible work can come and hit you in the back. If it gets cold, you’re probs just going to stay in for the night and not work. Which basically means you’re not gonna work for the whole winter, and so you’re not earning money. Whereas with another job you have to go in, and so there no need for self-motivation to go out and work.

Anyway. In my opinion, Deliveroo is the best job you can possibly get as a Student. The flexibility and good pay are really what makes it shine. Also, even if you sign up, there’s no requirement to do any work. So you might as well sign up and then at least you have a fun job ready to go whenever you want! Check out my sign up link below to get a £50 bonus (after you complete 20 deliveries).

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