The Deliveroo Jacket – Everything you need to know

The Deliveroo jacket is the staple piece of uniform for all deliveroo cyclists. This is what keeps the riders dry, warm and shining like a fairy light as they zip through the streets with your Nandos. But are they really that good? Where can you find one if you’re not a deliveroo cyclist?

deliveroo jacket

Why I dumped the Deliveroo Jacket

When I signed up for Deliveroo I had to buy my own jacket for £40. Although you are allowed to use your own (non-Deliveroo) jacket, the specific requirements (material and level of reflectivity) they give you mean the Deliveroo jacket is basically the only one you can use. I wore it on my first few tips and found it pretty good. The jacket is pretty waterproof and the zips are made of some heavy duty waterproof coating. The reflective material is also insane; it’s the same as the stuff on the back of the deliveroo bag and really illuminates when a car’s lights shine on you. The one bad thing about the jacket is the breathability. After an hour of hard cycling, you’re guaranteed to be absolutely drenched…in sweat. It’s grim. It also isn’t the nicest for the customer when they see some dripping rider handing over their supper. For this reason, only I decided to swop it out for a much cheaper cycling jacket (you only have to meet the equipment requirements during the onboarding session, after that they won’t check what you’re using). I then proceeded to sell my old jacket for the same price as I bought it! Sorted!

This leads me to my next point: how to buy the jacket if you’re not a rider. The best way is eBay. Depop is also a good bet. Prices vary from £20-40 depending on size and how grim they are.

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