Can you actually make £120 a day with Deliveroo?

On the Deliveroo signup page, it very clearly says that riders can earn up to £120 per day. Yes, we do have to remember the inclusion of the “up to” part of that statement. But, it does make you think. Can you actually make £120 per day with Deliveroo?

Will Deliveroo make you rich?

£120 per day is the equivalent to £43,800 a year!!!!

Seeing as the AVERAGE wage in the UK is £27,000, that’s a pretty big difference!

Yes, I know that figure of £43,800 is assuming you work 365 days of the year. But even if you only work 250 days of the year, you’re still going to make £30,000.

So, let’s break down how many orders you’d need to complete to make £120 in a day.

Assuming that you work the 3 hour rush hour at lunch time and then another 3 hours in the evening, that’s a total of 6 hours worked. So to make £120 in a day you’ll have to be making £20 an hour. I you’re on the old system of £7 and hour (+£1 for every delivery) then you’d need to make 13 orders every hour!! That’s 78 orders in one day!

If you’re on the new pay per delivery system it will be slightly easier. The fee varies on location but I’m going to calculate this using the London fee which is £3.75 per delivery. To make £120 you need to do 32 orders in one day, which is just over five orders per hour. This is much more manageable, and could definitely be done by a moped driver in busy areas. A cyclist would have to be seriously quick.

What I haven’t talked about here is tips, which I suppose could greatly increase your income (if you actually get any).

So, in conclusion, £120 per day is a pretty long stretch unless you’re a moped driver. But, if you’re delivering in some super ritzy area, your tips might blow your earnings sky high (I once made a £6 tip for cycling 100 metres from restaurant to customer!).

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